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Passed the checks!

Friday, 01 November 2013 04:13

07 r

The first official day of Baja Portalegre consisted of administrative checks and scrutineering. G-Force Motorsport team was appointed to them in the afternoon.


All the team mates were a little nervous because the new project car came to the World Cup competition for the fist time.

03 r The car has aready been participating in Russian competitions and took start in the Silk Way Rally, so it passed Russian scrutineering. But it has to be adopted by FIA to be allowed to take part in FIA series.


01 r Administrative checks were passed as usual without any problem. The FIA scrutineer pointed out some small issues we have to improve before the next season but this time the car is allowed to start. We have passed the scrutineering! 

Next, the safety systems were set into the car, the team mechanicks tested the harnesses, checked if all the things were on the proper places in the car, and then  G-Force Proto New Line came into the park ferme of Baja Portalegre 2013.

PS By the moment the starting list is published. There are 35 cars in it. The first to start tomorrow is Krzysztof Holowczyc with his co-driver Andreas Schulz. Then come two Miguels -  Barbosa/Ramalho, Reinaldo Varela/Gustavo Gugelmin after them, and the fourth line is G-Force Motorsport crew (#506) of Boris Gadasin and Aleksei Kuzmich . There are 7 FIA Priority list pilots in the starting list and we are pleased to see there Aleksandr Zheludov, one more Russian pilot, with his co-driver Andrei Rudnitski.

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